Laser Treatment Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Responds Well
One of the big successes of laser treatment carpal tunnel syndrome responds quickly to this type of therapy. Carpal tunnel syndrome is when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed as it travels through the wrist bones. Symptoms can include numbness or tingling, pain, swelling, or loss of grip strength.

As I've said before, one of the tricks with carpal tunnel syndrome is figuring out where the nerve is compressed, as it could be anywhere from where the median nerve exits the neck all the way down to the wrist.

With laser treatment, carpal tunnel syndrome caused by tight muscles are addressed in the neck, the upper ribs, the shoulder, the arm and the wrist. Because Class IV infrared laser therapy is so powerful, we can treat these areas relatively quickly, in about 15 minutes per session. By treating the entire median nerve, results are fast and long lasting.

Laser Treatment
Carpal Tunnel Symptoms from the Neck

A lot of people just don't realize that if they have neck problems, they may feel symptoms in their wrist.

Have you ever woken up after a deep sleep and your hand or arm is asleep? That's often from a too thin pillow; the nerves in your neck are compressed, and you feel it in your arm or hand.

Since the median nerve travels through the scalene muscles, tightness in those muscles can make your hand or wrist ache. Stand sideways and have someone look at where your ear is in relation to your shoulder. Is it in front of your shoulder or even with it?

If it's in front of your shoulder and you have carpal tunnel symptoms, there's a good chance that the pain starts in your neck. Working with a chiropractor or osteopath to balance those muscles can give amazing relief.

Laser therapy relaxes the scalenes, decreases swelling and pressure on the median nerve and allows the nerve to heal, giving relief in your hand.

You will also need to do exercises to balance your posture, to prevent future problems.

Laser Treatment
Carpal Tunnel Symptoms from the Shoulder Region

As the median nerve travels down the shoulder, it travels through the space between the collarbone and the front of the shoulder blade. This space is called the thoracic outlet and is another area that gets tight because of bad posture.

Continuing our laser treatment down the shoulder and into the arm ensures all the muscles affecting the median nerve are treated.

Laser Treatment
Carpal Tunnel due to Pronator Syndrome

After the nerve leaves the elbow to head to the wrist, it goes through the pronator muscles.

Put your hands straight out in front of you, palms down. Now, rotate your forearms inward so your palms now face the sky. The muscles that did that are the pronators.

A lot of wrist problems start right here. Again, laser therapy on these muscles can decrease spams and pressure that cause carpal tunnel symptoms.

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