How To Help Your Arthritis Knee Pain
When you have arthritis knee pain, it affects your entire life. It hurts to get out of bed, it hurts to walk, it hurts to sit and it hurts to stand up again. Your knee may be so swollen you feel as if the skin itself will burst. When you need to run errands, it seems as impossible as climbing Mount Everest.

Living with knee pain and staying active is going to mean some changes on your part... but if you do them, you can ease your pain and get your life back. Are you ready?

Do you remember in 2007 the tennis player Rafael Nadal was raving about this laser his doctor used on his knees? It was a Class 4 Infrared laser and I've been using one in practice for nearly 3 years. The one I have is manufactured by K-Laser USA and is the best option you should try for non invasive relief.

The laser works by infrared light penetrating deep into the knee joint (and yes, the laser has enough power to penetrate in there) and it promotes healing, decreases swelling, and drops pain quickly. I've had patients notice a 50% reduction in swelling within an hour or two of a laser treatment!

Unlike cortisone injections, it doesn't just mask the pain and there's no chance of it causing further degeneration (cortisone will damage the supporting structures of the knee and make the joint weaker over time... leading to further joint damage and eventually joint replacement surgery).

Along with a treatment plan designed to correct structural imbalances, the K-Laser is an incredibly effective, safe, holistic treatment for arthritis knee pain.

Your Weight and Arthritis Knee Pain

This is the single easiest way to help yourself feel better. If you are overweight and have arthritis, losing as little as 10% of your weight can take a lot of pressure off your joints. The knees take a lot of abuse with every step, and along with your spine and hips they carry most of your weight when you're standing. Because the knee isn't a terribly stable joint, it can be injured easily and heals slowly.

Depending on how bad your pain is, exercise may be out of the question right now. If this is the case, then you'll need to rely on eating better for your initial weight loss. The good news is that as you drop weight, you'll be able to be more active and add exercise in.

The simplest way to start losing weight without counting calories is to follow a low glycemic eating plan. These foods help arthritis by decreasing overall inflammation. The beauty of this kind of plan is you're eating all your own food (you don't have to buy pre-packaged food - that can get expensive and isn't very good for you anyway) and you don't have to count anything, there's very little to measure, and the foods you eat make you feel great.

I offer a free 7 day eating plan, so if you're interested in seeing how it works, fill out the form below.

Exercises to Help Arthritis Knee Pain

If you're hurting badly you'll want to start with stretching to help relieve your knee pain. This may sound too easy, but when your thigh muscles are tight, they pull on the knee which hurts. As you feel better, you can then add in walking and other more physical activity.

Exercises in a pool are also really good for your knees if you find other types of exercise too hard to do.

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