Homeopathic Remedy for Arthritis

For arthritis sufferers, the homeopathic remedy for arthritis I recommend is made by -Heel. Their science is solid, they have great education for their doctors and patients, and their products are effective. Homeopathic remedies are safer than osteoarthritis drugs and people who use them seem to be have higher satisfaction rates.

They have a product called Traumeel that comes in tablet and cream form, and I've gotten only good feedback from it. I used it with my Rottweiler when she got up there in age, and it provided a lot of comfort to her. Many of my colleagues use it in their practices.

The article below explains how a homeopathic remedy for arthritis works.

Homeopathic Medication - Why So Popular?
By Shreya Deshpande

If you ask for a mode of therapy that is fast becoming popular all over the world, homeopathy will be the answer! It is the therapeutic system of medicine that is around since more than 200 years ago now and still sticking to same old principles, it is advancing in its field of treating intractable diseases. The basic reason behind this popularity is obviously the fact that "it works!"

Here is the list of factors those added glitter to homeopathic mode of treatment:

(1) Safety: In the mess of overwhelming medicinal dosages leading to excruciating side effects, homeopathy is believed as a weapon that kills disease without killing the person! Utmost safety due to highly minute doses those are potentized forms of different herbs and other sources is the plus of homeopathy. No wonder we see people around who read homeopathic literature and treat themselves with homeopathy and many times find better relief for their problems. However this is true only of certain acute conditions and not chronic ones. Lot more things need to be understood for treating chronic diseases and only a qualified homeopath can do this.

(2) Ability to treat chronic illnesses: The homeopathic medicines are capable of treating cases like intractable asthma, long standing psoriasis, and recurrent kidney stones. The diseases where modern medicine at times says "no", homeopathy's sphere of action begins. In many illnesses homeopathy is said to replace surgeon's knife. Even incurable arthritis is treated with homeopathic medicines without inflicting any harm upon patients.

(3) Easy to take: Available in pill, powder, or liquid form, homeopathic medicines are easy to take for sure. Chewing the pills is a pleasurable experience for kids. That's the reason why kids enjoy visiting homeopathic doctors and never fret questioning.

(4) Enhance bodily immunity: Instead of suppressing existing disease in question. Homeopathy by its eternal principle of "like cures like" enhances bodily immunity and enables the body to repel the disease in its entirety. That's the reason homeopathy is believed to be extremely effective even in dealing with preventive aspects of infectious diseases in epidemics like swine flu. It is recommended by homeopathic experts that instead of digging the well when it is too late, it is better to opt for homeopathy when you sense the impending attack so that herd immunity can be built.

(5) Veterinary Use: Homeopathic medicines have been found useful for dogs, cats, and animals alike. Not only veterinary but homeopathic medicines are also found useful for plant diseases. Due to this all-round safe use, homeopathic medicines have grown popular by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Dr Shreya Deshpande is a senior homeopathic consultant of India and is running Online Homeopathic Consultation Services at http://www.drshreya.com.

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