Benefits of Chiropractic Care
If there has ever been a controversial subject, the benefits of chiropractic care certainly qualifies! So few professions have so many misconceptions, rumors, and outright misunderstandings as chiropractic. And many of the people slinging the most mud have never been to a chiropractor, nor have any understanding of why it works or how it works.

You can read about the history of chiropractic and some of what it's good for by following that link. Here, I'll be talking specifically about how the adjustment works and the overall benefits of chiropractic care.

First, some basic anatomy. Your brain controls and coordinates all aspects of your body, doesn't it? We all know that if there's an injury to the spinal cord, the body doesn't work below that level. The brain is still sending the messages, but the information highway (the spinal cord) isn't able to send them because of the injury.

That brain power controls you down to the tiniest cell in your body. It's basic anatomy, and every man, woman, and child learns it in school.

Coming between each bone of the spine (the vertebrae) are nerves.

Those nerves start out big enough to see, but as they wind through your body, they get smaller, and they go to every tissue, organ and cell within you. This life force from your brain keeps your body working.

What happens when the spine is broken? The messages don't get through, right?

What do you suppose happens when the spine is misaligned? The messages still get through, but they may be decreased or they may get distorted. When that happens, you may have pain. Or you may not. The part of the nerve that transmits pain is pretty small, actually. Most of the nerve is responsible for FUNCTION, not feeling.

So the benefits of chiropractic care can be far reaching, because as we adjust the spine to realign it, we are removing the kinks and mis-alignments that may cause dysfunction.

What does Science say?

This is an interesting point because many of the detractors of chiropractic care point to the lack of "scientific research" backing up claims of health improvements that we see in our offices everyday.

The science is there... there have been studies that prove that chiropractic care helps things like asthma, or ear infections, or that it boosts the immune system. But for every study that you can find that supports the claims, you'll find tens of studies that are "inconclusive." This doesn't mean that chiropractic care doesn't have benefits - it clearly does. It just means that it's hard to measure it in a way everyone can agree on.

And here's what I have to say about science. Science proved that Vioxx (TM) and Bextra (TM) were safe to take and had no risk factors. Both drugs were later found to cause heart disease and killed a bunch of people. Science can be manipulated, bought out, or just plain mis-represented.

Our bodies are amazing things, and we are not just the sum of our parts. Our thoughts, our past history, our physical self, our stress, our diet, our relationships, and our trust all affect our health. Science cannot possibly measure all of those things.

When you look at the risk factors compared to the benefits of chiropractic care, what you find is a healing method that works more often than it doesn't, and with fewer side effects than medications.

What are the benefits of chiropractic?

OK, so let's get down to it. What are the benefits of chiropractic care? In no particular order, here is what I see in my office, and what my friends see in their offices:
  • Improved range of motion
  • Decreased pain levels
  • Decreased muscle spasms
  • Fewer aches and pains because the body is aligned and working properly (think of a car with one flat tire...aren't the other tires affected?)
  • Improved health of inter-vertebral discs
  • Improved digestion
  • Fewer headaches (or no headaches! I am a chiropractor because it got rid of my headaches)
  • Improved immunity (ask any chiropractor and they will tell you that their family is the healthiest on the block)
  • Better sleep
  • Help with asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems
  • Decreased menstrual cramps
  • Fertility help (every chiropractor knows someone who couldn't get pregnant and then did after seeing someone about her back pain)
  • Help with infantile colic
  • Fewer childhood ear infections and fast recovery from them

As you can see, the list isn't just about pain, is it? And I may have missed something! I take chiropractic for granted because I live it everyday, so if I missed it feel free to add your story or comment below!

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