Early Symptoms of Arthritis

Early symptoms of arthritis can easily be mistaken for something else. Finding out early that you are getting arthritis can help you prevent it from getting worse.

Since arthritis is wear and tear on a joint, it's not just a disease of age.

  • Athletes are likely to get it young
  • People in professions with a lot of jarring are more likely to get it (think truck driver or jackhammer operator
  • If you've ever been in an accident, you're probably getting early arthritis
  • Here's an easy example to understand how early osteo arthritis symptoms can start. Let's say one of the tires on your car isn't filled enough. It wears unevenly, and it causes the other tires to wear unevenly as well. Over time, all of the tires will degenerate more quickly, because that one tire wasn't filled enough.

    If any of your joints isn't working properly, all the other joints take the extra burden, and they wear out faster.

    Early symptoms of arthritis

    The following symptoms could indicate early osteo arthritis. If you have more than one or two of these, please go see a chiropractor and have them take X-rays. That's the simplest way to find out if you have structural problems causing early wear and tear on your spine and other joints.
    • Muscle tightness lasting more than a day or two
    • Muscle spasms around the spine
    • Stiffness and decreased range of motion in any joint
    • Stiffness when you get out of bed that gets better after about 20 minutes
    • Achiness in your joints most days
    • Difficulty turning or bending your head
    • Chronic headaches
    This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the early symptoms I hear about most often from patients whose X-rays show early arthritis.

    In the early stages, it is possible to slow down and maybe even stop the progression. For information on how to prevent arthritis from getting worse, click here.

    For a list of great doctors who are trained to look at your body's structure and help you find relief and prevent future problems, please check out our recommended arthritis doctors.

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