Better Sleep with the EcoQuest Air Purifier

The Fresh Air is a great EcoQuest Air Purifier and is an amazing tool to improve sleep. Poor indoor air quality causes interrupted sleep because minute particles in the air irritate your breathing passages while you're sleeping. This can cause excessive snoring which can wake you (and your partner) without either of you even realizing it.

(You know when you fluff your pillows how you can see those little dust mites floating around? THOSE are the ones I'm talking about. Those little guys are BAD for sleeping!)

Periodic sleep interruption is really bad for your health, and most people don't associate their tiredness with "microscopic dust." In fact, most Americans are so concerned with how things smell they'll add chemical "air fresheners" into their homes without getting rid of the dust problem first! Those air "fresheners" add irritants into your air in the form of "phthalates" (say that 10 times really fast); these dangerous chemicals are known to cause hormonal abnormalites (in men and women), birth defects, and of course they exacerbate allergy symptoms and asthma.

People who suffer from asthma, allergies and COPD are even more sensitive to this growing epidemic of indoor air pollution. Triggers are everywhere and if you live in an area with new construction going on, you're doubly exposed! However, the triggers you're most exposed to are the ones in your own home; fortunately, that's the environment you CAN control.

By using the EcoQuest Air Purifier you are getting the best particulate (dust) remover on the market, and the ability to kill viruses and bacteria too. The Fresh Air by Ecoquest has been tested and proven to kill highly contagious bugs like antibiotic resistant Staph aureus, Avian flu, Strep, E. Coli and others.

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