Vitamin B12 For Rheumatoid

In our fast-paced world where a lot of persons are finding it difficult to spend some quality time to make themselves a well-balanced meal, eating junk and processed foods became the order of the day. This simple neglect has contributed greatly to the increased number of sick people in our society today. What most persons do not take note of when consuming processed food is that most of these foods do not contain the required bodybuilding vitamins and minerals. Part of the vitamins that are often missing in these foods is vitamin B12. Due to this deficiency in vitamins and minerals, food supplements could only do little or nothing to cover up for the missing vitamins. As a result, many suffer health-related issues such as rheumatoid. This article provides a detailed explanation of how vitamin B12 can help in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Vitamins and minerals play a significant role in the healthiness of an individual.  Vitamin B is among the non-antioxidant vitamin that is required for the effective functioning of the human body. It is particularly important for the functioning of the human bones and joints. Also, research has revealed that this vitamin can help to relieve rheumatoid – chronic arthritis of the joint. Added to this, the deficiency of vitamin B12 can result in a couple of health issues including joint pains and arthritis.

It is important to note that vitamin B12 is made up of eight different vitamins. While some of the vitamins might be gotten from supplements, getting a full dose of vitamin B12 requires the consumption of a well-balanced diet.

Studies On Vitamin B12 For Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis often manifests itself in systemic inflammation and pains. It gets severe when not properly treated. If care is not taken, rheumatoid can progress from stiffness to disability. This sickness is caused by the immune system attacking the joints as if they are foreign tissue. This is why rheumatoid is often classified as an autoimmune disease. When the joints are attacked by the immune systems, it causes pain, inflammation, and stiffness in the body.

However, according to the Livestrong study on the effect of vitamin B12 on arthritis, the result reveals that constant consumption of vitamin B12 can help to produce new and healthy red blood cells, which helps to battle against anemia that many arthritis patient suffer from. In the study, after about four weeks of treating the patient with a well-balanced diet of a full dose of vitamin B12 combined with vitamin B12 supplements, the patients experienced a significant reduction in their pain and inflammation.

This shows that regular intake of vitamin B12 diet and supplements can help to reduce pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Vitamin B12 Can Also Help To Reduce The Risk Of Broken Bone

One of the major health issues suffered by rheumatoid arthritis patients is joint pain and stiffness. Rheumatoid pains attack the joints and bones in the knees. It hinders joint flexibility and movement. However, regular consumption of vitamin  B12 helps to reduce the severity of joint pain and stiffness.

Also in a study conducted by the Arthritis Foundation, it was revealed that vitamin B12 reduces the amino acid responsible for the bone weakness in arthritis patients. The amino acid is referred to as homocysteine. It was revealed that even moderately elevated homocysteine is associated with the increased risk of fractures in older adults. Therefore, consuming food with a high dose of vitamin B12 is an effective way of treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Vitamin B12 Can Help With The Digestion Of Food In Arthritis Patients

It is one thing to eat, it is another for the body to absorb all the nutrients from food. Usually, rheumatoid arthritis results in body weakness. This weakness is not limited to the joints of the body alone, every part of the body is affected.

Rheumatoid Arthritis patients might suffer indigestion due to weakness. Aside from weakness, the side effect of some of the medical treatment for the sickness includes indigestion. However, studies have revealed that the best way to cure indigestion is to eat foods that are very rich in vitamin B12. Regular consumption of vitamin B12 can aid in the digestion of arthritis patient food and help in the absorption of the nutrients needed for the relief of the condition.

Vitamin B12 Helps To Reduce Pain In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Some research revealed that regular consumption of vitamin B12 can help with bursitis, which is an inflammation of the pad that cushion your joints, called the bursa. Such pain occurs in the knees, hips, elbows shoulder, and the joints and muscles in the body.

Since vitamin B12 helps in strengthening the human bones and carriage, when rheumatoid arthritis patients consume this vitamin constantly, the weak joints are strengthened. This, in turn, reduces the intense pain associated with the sickness.

Regular consumption of a diet rich in vitamin B12 also helps to increase energy flow in the joints. This also helps to reduce pain and inflammation.

Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin B12

Although there are some vitamin supplements that can help supply the body with vitamin B12, consuming this directly from foods is the best way to get a full dose of the vitamin. Below are some of the food rich in vitamin B12 that arthritis patients can include in his or her diet.

  • Fish and shellfish such as trout, tuna fish, salmon and Clams
  • Chickens, liver, and meat (not red meat)
  • low-fat milk, Greek yogurt, and cheese
  • Fortified breakfast cereals
  • Eggs

Aside from including these foods in your diet, it is important to see a doctor so you can get some good vitamin B12 supplements. Usually, these supplements come in the form of nasal spray or pills. If you have a severe deficiency such that you are also suffering from anemia, you might have to take the supplements and diets for the rest of your life.

From the studies and evidence, it can be inferred that vitamin B12 is an effective remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is important to consult your doctor for further clarification.