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At Serengeti Natural Healing & Chiropractic, we are the premier health care resource in the Antelope Valley; we serve our patients by getting them well, and teaching them how to stay well.

Dr. Andrea Mills, Chiropractor

Serengeti Natural Healing and Chiropractic Center exists to help you achieve lasting arthritis relief; naturally and without the side effects of drugs or surgery. We promise you that if we don't help you get significantly better in ONE month, we'll find you another doctor.

The office is located in Lancaster, California (the Antelope Valley - about an hour north of Los Angeles, traffic depending). Our goal is always on patient care. New patients are always given a full hour with me to ensure that I have time to really discover your needs and goals. The second visit lasts between 20-45 minutes, allowing plenty of time for questions and clarifications. Every visit after that is allowed 15 minutes, and we NEVER double book patients. That means no or very little wait for you, and there is never a crowded reception area with people falling over each other.

I have been studying health and wellness for 20 years, and I keep updated on the newest in scientific research in both medicine and nutrition. If you are suffering, give me a month. Become my partner in your health, and if we don't make progress in how you feel, I'll help you find other resources. With a team of medical, osteopathic, and holistic providers to refer you to, we can find the right treatment for most people. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Cum Laude, from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles.

I specialize in chronic pain and difficult to treat cases, taking a multi-faceted approach to get you better. I focus on pain management, various chiropractic adjusting techniques (including several low force techniques for patients with severe health problems), correcting muscle imbalances, nutritional counseling and lifestyle management. You and I are partners in health, with a relationship designed to teach you the steps you can take to change your health.

With the addition of the K-Laser (FDA-cleared, infrared Class IV Laser), Serengeti is positioned as the leader in chronic pain management in the Antelope Valley (serving Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosamond, and Acton - although we do have patients travel from as far as Lake Arrowhead and Barstow!). Over 75% of our patients are responding extremely well to laser therapy. Some patients are having nearly complete resolution of chronic pain - and one patient avoided spine surgery!

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We provide chiropractic care and laser therapy for people who live in the following communities: the Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, Acton, Agua Dulce, Littlerock, Pearblossom, Lake Los Angeles, Rosamond, Mojave, Edwards, California City, Tehachapi, Barstow, Lake Arrowhead, and Quartz Hill

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