Other Back Pain Remedies: Hypnosis for Chronic Pain
Have you ever sleep-walked? (Hey, what does this have to do with back pain remedies anyway?)

Or tried to calm yourself down after an upsetting event by slowing your breathing?

Or had a dream SO real that when you woke up you weren't sure if it really happened or not?

Or thought of someone and the next minute they called you?

Well if you have, you've experienced first hand the power of your mind.

The reason this section is important is because if you aren't comfortable tapping into your own healing power, a clinical hypnotherapist can help you.

Close your eyes (after you read this of course) and imagine a quiet beach with peaceful waves gently rolling in and out.

Go on, close your eyes now. I'll wait here.

Got it?

Now, if you're able to do that, you're able to imagine a little video character traveling through your body gobbling up cells or substances that have been causing dis-ease. If you had severe back pain, and traditional back pain remedies weren't working, think what a relief it would be to work with a hypnotherapist and say, "Unconscious mind, go ahead and heal the muscles in my back." With help from a trained professional, you can do that. You can learn to have clear communication with your unconscious mind.

Around the 1840's, James Easdaile, a medical doctor in India wrote a book titled Mesmerism. He outlined the use of mesmerism to control or get rid of pain. He developed his techniques before chloroform was invented and changed how doctors performed surgeries. Easdaile did over 500 operations, which would have been very painful without anesthetic.. and found that patients healed in less than the normal recovery time.

I share an office with Dr. Vicky Thomas, DCN, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and she uses hypnosis for pain control with many clients. When traditional back pain remedies aren't working, I refer my patients to her.

Here are a couple of examples from her clients:

She worked with Joe (not his real name) after he was thrown from a horse and split his pelvic bone. The fracture actually spread the pelvis 5 inches and Joe had a metal plate surgically placed with 4 screws holding the bones together. He was told he'd be in a wheelchair for at least 4 years. Six weeks after surgery, Joe was still in a lot of pain and on several painkillers. Dr. Thomas did one hypnosis session to alleviate the pain, and taught him self hypnosis. One WEEK later, he walked into his surgeon's office using a walker. Three weeks later he went back to work using a cane and six months later he was riding his horse again. He was pain free and healthier than ever before. (Individual results may vary.)

There are different hypnotic states required for analgesia (no pain or absence of pain) and anesthesia (no feeling). Think of analgesia as what happens after you take an aspirin and anesthesia as what happens when you have surgery. A client with analgesia will have numbness; they'll feel pressure but no pain. This is good for things like needle jabs, bee stings or even minor burns. A client with anesthesia will allow surgery WITHOUT a chemical anesthetic, or dental work without Novacaine (I'm not suggesting you try it, but it is possible!)

Another client of Dr. Thomas', John (again, not his real name) came in to work on weight loss. He was about 40 pounds overweight and also expressed frustration over lack of patience with his two small children ages 3 and 4. See, he'd had pain in his low back due to a surgery 2 years before and had pain in his neck and surgery scheduled for that in 6 weeks. Traditional back pain remedies weren't working, and he was constantly in pain and frustrated.

The day after his first session, John called and said he was pain free for the first time since his original accident. Getting rid of the pain allowed him to treat his kids with patience and his relationship with them changed dramatically. He began to lose weight, and after his neck surgery he said his pain level was remarkably low (a 2 on a scale of 0 to 10). He didn't use any pain meds after surgery because he used self-hypnosis to control the pain.

After surgery, he continued with his hypnosis sessions and went on to lose the 40 pounds. (Individual results may vary)

If you would like information on Dr. Thomas, please visit her website at www.revituphypnosis.com. She has 2 Southern California locations. I should also mention that sometimes patients have chronic pain (which is defined as pain lasting longer than 3 months) because of unresolved emotional issues. Yes, I said unconscious. If these causes were conscious, then traditional back pain remedies would work. The client is not aware they have emotional issues contributing to the pain. These cases can also be helped by a clinical hypnotherapist.

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