Medium Glycemic Food List

Medium Glycemic Index Foods

Medium glycemic index foods have a GI rating between 56-69. They will cause a faster blood sugar spike and then insulin release than the low glycemic foods, so they should be eaten only occasionally and as a side to your primarily low glycemic meal.

Vegetables and Salad Greens


Corn (fresh)

Carrots (cooked)

New potato

Sweet potato








Beans, Grains, and Cereal

Bean thread (Chinese noodles)

Buckwheat and other whole grain noodles



All-Bran cereal

Bran Buds

Cream of Wheat (regular)

Muesli or granola (no sugar added)

Oatmeal (rolled oats)

Medium (and high) glycemic index foods may be eaten on occasion after the first month. The guideline is to eat them with your regular low GI meal as a side dish.

For example, you might decide to have grilled chicken, green beans, a salad and a small sweet potato for dinner one night. That's fine because the sweet potato (medium GI food) is with an otherwise low GI meal.

However, you wouldn't want to have grilled chicken, couscous, green beans and a sweet potato. Half of your meal becomes medium GI with this combination.

Now I'm not saying you can never have pizza again! What kind of life would that be? But follow the 80/20 rule. Eat low GI 80% of the time and the other 20% won't matter as much!

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