Make Everyday Tasks Easier With Aids for Arthritis
Aids for arthritis can make daily living easier and help you get your tasks done with ease. From arthritis gloves, arthritis knee braces and other arthritis products, we help you see what's available.

Living with pain or disability makes life difficult, and aids for arthritis can help. The pain and disability of arthritis can make everyday tasks seem impossible, but with the right tools and the right plan, you can still do the things you love. Yes, you may have to modify how you do them. Whether you suffer from the potential crippling of rheumatoid arthritis or the daily stiffness and pain of degenerative arthritis, I hear that the most common goal of people is maintaining their independence and being able to do the things they love.

I want to talk briefly about a positive mental attitude, because I've found that when people keep one, they have less overall pain and are able to do more things than people who don't.

Your mind is very powerful, and it is programmed to seek out what you put your attention on. If you are dealing with chronic pain, it can feel overwhelming and all-consuming. When you continue to focus on the pain and all the things you can't do, though, your brain will find ways to show you more pain and more things you can't do. And this can create a downward spiral that can eventually lead to depression.

Instead, I'd encourage you to consciously focus on the parts of your body that feel great. Instead of focusing on your hands that hurt, think about your knees that help you walk freely, or the eyes that let you see the beauty of a rose.

If you consciously decide to focus on all that is wonderful and working in your life, living with the pain of arthritis will be easier. It's too detailed to go into here, but if you search for positive expectations or positive thinking, you'll find plenty of articles that discuss it in detail. Neuroscience is really starting to prove that where we put our brain power helps us create our life!

Walking aids for arthritis

If you have hip, knee, or ankle arthritis, walking aids for arthritis pain may become necessary. There are canes and walking sticks, and walkers. Canes have gotten fashionable thanks to that fictional character, Dr. Greg House, MD of TV fame "House." You can find folding canes, antique canes, exotic wood canes, and canes with every imaginable handle, from carvings to moldings.

Some people use one cane to support their painful side, and some folks with arthritis of the spine actually use two canes to support their weight. And they do quite well! I've seen people in their 80's and 90's motoring along quite fast this way, and it always makes me smile that they are still active and independent.

A walker is a better option for those who have balance issues and need to lean on something to keep from falling.

Here are some simple medical canes and walkers for you to take a look at:

Medline Industries has a large selection of canes to choose from. Clicking the picture below will take you to a website that sells them, along with hundreds of other medical and household items.

If you would like information on how to use a cane properly, follow this link.

Mobility aids for arthritis

If you need additional help with mobility, you may be in the market for an electric mobility scooter or an electric powered wheelchair. These are better options for people with arthritis of the hands or upper body weakness due to age or disability. The new technology allows the option of having a lighter chair if needed for ease of getting in and out cars, etc.

For bariatric patients, an electric option provides freedom that a manual chair wouldn't allow.

Grooming aids for arthritis

If you have arthritis of the hands or neck, you may find everyday tasks like brushing your hair or buttoning your shirt more difficult. Household aids like jar openers or button hooks can make all the difference in the smoothness of your day.

If you need assistance getting into or out of the shower or tub, here are some supports and benches to help you.

Household aids for arthritis

From jar openers to long handled grabbers, household aids can make your home easy and comfortable again.

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