Is there a food that cause arthritis?

There isn't one food that cause arthritis, but what you eat can make you feel better or worse. Learn the foods to avoid with arthritis and which foods will help osteoarthritis pain.

Learning the basics about arthritis and nutrition can help you manage your pain. Every time you eat you have a choice to eat foods that heal or foods that hurt.

Arthritis and Nutrition, the Basics

The simplest way to learn which foods to avoid with arthritis is this: was it made by God or made by a human?

Think of natural foods (food by God if you will) as those that are un-processed, and close to their natural state. All fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats generally fall into this category.

Canned vegetables, canned fruits, and canned meats don't count!

Neither do any foods that come in a box, or have ingredients that you can't identify.

While I can't say that it's processed food that cause arthritis, I can tell you that it is lacking in nutrients and certainly doesn't help your body heal.

What causes arthritis

Arthritis is simply wear and tear, or degeneration of a joint in the body. It can happen in any joint, but the most common are the weight bearing ones like your knees, hips, and spine. You can read all about this topic by reading about degenerative arthritis. I explain the entire process there.

Foods that will make your arthritis worse

If you already have joint problems, there are certain foods that are probably making you feel worse.

The first and the biggest one is sugar. Sugar causes inflammation and is the single biggest cause of chronic diseases in the U.S. Yes, I'm talking about simple white sugar, or table sugar, but I'm also including foods that break down into sugar easily.

On the list of foods to avoid is also

  • white flour
  • pasta
  • white rice
  • white potatoes
  • cakes, cookies, cupcakes
  • white bread
  • any food that comes in a box
  • soda pop
  • sweetened drinks

Now I'm not saying you can NEVER have these foods. But if you eat them most of the time and you have arthritis, you can bet that they are making you feel worse and not better.

To learn which foods help arthritis, click here.

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