Dr. Andrea Mills – 5 Strategies to Live Pain Free
I'm Dr. Andrea Mills; a chiropractor who focuses on natural healing using a combination of chiropractic adjusting, class IV laser therapy, and nutritional counseling. I've been in practice for 7 years and have the best patients in the world! Every day I learn something new from them that helps me help others find arthritis relief.

I want to help Americans live healthier lives without side effects from drugs. I see too many people prescribed too many things without trying to heal naturally using nutrition or exercise first. Your body is an amazing thing with healing potential more powerful than any drug! But it must be given the proper tools to do so.

That's what I hope to do here. I want to create a resource for you - the arthritis patient who is looking for natural relief. Come on a journey with me, and if just ONE person is helped using the ideas in these pages, then I've succeeded.

Dr. Andrea Mills - How I Became a Chiropractor

At the age of 18 I was in a car accident. A drunk driver had run a red light at about 40 mph and hit my driver’s side door. It destroyed my car, but I walked away from it. There were no airbags at that time, and I consider myself lucky to have been as “minorly” injured as I was. I had a nasty case of whiplash, some bruising from the door hitting me and from my seatbelt, and some scratches on my face from the window glass. I was referred to a chiropractor, was treated for a little over 2 years, and discharged. At that time the biggest complaint I had was recurring headaches which we ultimately got rid of. I thought.

I didn’t see another chiropractor for nearly ten years.

In the mid 1990’s I was happily entrenched in a successful sales career in Los Angeles. I had ambitions to climb the corporate ladder and eventually become a corporate trainer and educator. With a Bachelor’s degree under my belt I knew I’d need to advance my education, but I wasn’t terribly excited about getting an M.B.A. It just didn’t fire me up.

Within a couple of years, I started getting headaches. First, every couple of days. Then after a few months, every day. By 1998, I would wake up with a headache, take some Ibuprofen with my coffee, drive to work, do my day, and get home with a head splitting, mind numbing headache. I tried taking my medications with caffeine (at the suggestion of my M.D.)… no relief. I tried getting regular massages… they made me feel good but I still got the headaches. There were some nights I’d lay in bed with a washcloth on my head and think, “I can’t live like this. Somebody please kill me.” I never once considered that the headaches could be related to that car accident.

During this time, I started seeing a chiropractor again and she kept me going. She was able to keep me functioning, but we were both getting worried that I wasn’t getting any lasting relief. She ordered an MRI of my brain to make sure I didn’t have a brain tumor. At the age of 28, I was terrified. Luckily there were no tumors, but we still didn’t know WHAT was causing them. And she recommended I start looking for patterns to them.

Lo and behold, after a few weeks of logging the headaches, it became apparent what was causing them: Driving 1,000 miles a week; the constant stress of an outside sales career with its “quotas” every month; and to a large extent, degeneration in my neck bones due to that car accident when I was 18. If the structure of my cervical (neck) spine had been “normal” I probably could have handled the rest of it without getting the headaches.

So now I had a choice. Keep doing what I was doing and live in pain. Or change.

My chiro’s boss put it to me this way (and I was 29 at the time), “You’re going to turn 34 no matter what. Wouldn’t you rather turn 34 and be doing something you love? Wouldn't you rather be Dr. Andrea Mills?”

And that started the journey. I won’t bore you with the details of school but I’ve never regretted that decision. I love my job and I am satisfied every day by the progress I see in my patients’ health.

Why a Website?

So I created this website because as you saw up above, my passion is helping people live better lives, without pain, and with the energy and vitality they need to fulfill their dreams.

If I were to practice full time in one location, I could help a couple hundred people a month. But with the web, well the world is open to me. And here, I can help literally hundreds of thousands of people get healthier and feel better. And that's ultimately what I like to do.

So I started a website. And you know what? I've helped people all over the world make their health better! The first e-mail I got from someone in another country that said, "I did your low glycemic index foods eating plan, I lost 25 pounds, and I feel great" had me grinning from ear to ear that whole day! Now this is what I'm talking about!

But let's be real.... a website isn't just for fun. Although it IS fun, my goal with my website is to generate two income sources. The first, obviously, is to help me draw patients to my practice. But the second income source is passive. It's the kind of income that happens while I'm sleeping, and provides me a cushion, or spending money, or fun money, depending on the month. As I'm writing this it's October 2008, and economics are on all my friends and patients' minds. Ever the optimist (sometimes my husband calls me "naive" but hey, I'll stick with "optimistic") I keep plugging away at diversifying my money streams.

The web opens the world to you. It doesn't matter if you're passion is health, or knitting, or extreme sports, or collectibles. You too, know something that someone wants to know more about. To learn more about SBI! and websites that work, just click here.

1) Get plenty of good quality sleep - sleep is crucial to healing. 2) Eat whole foods, organic when possible. The chemicals and pesticides in processed or non-organic foods reside in your tissues for a long time after eating them. This is extra work for your liver and kidneys. 3) Get regular exercise (click here to see Back Pain Exercise). Even if it's gentle, like walking, stretching, or yoga (Dr. Andrea Mills favorite), your body needs regular movement to work best. Muscles that are used and stretched are more flexible than muscles that aren't. Dr. Andrea Mills shows simple stretches that alleviate pain 4) Take a good quality, bio-available multi-vitamin and mineral every day. The soil our food is grown in is nutrient depleted. 5) Drink 1/2 your body weight in pure water every day - in ounces that is. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water every day. (You may replace 1/4 of your water with decaf green tea, or diluted whole fruit juice).

If you don't have a full-home water purifier, there are many good water filters available.

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