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When our patients hurt, we give them BioFreeze
Arthritis patients really like it because when their joints are hot and achy, the cooling mechanism of the menthol feels great.

Rather than tell you what I think patients like about it, here's a review from an actual user...

BioFreeze With ILEX Pain Relieving Gel Review By Erika Ayala

I bought BioFreeze with ILEX Pain Relieving Gel because I accidentally pulled my hamstring while jogging one morning. I must have skipped my warm-up exercise because it hasn't been 10 minutes that I was jogging when suddenly the muscles at the back of my right leg hurt I had to skip on my way to the car. I chose Biofreeze because I've tried many other pain relieving gels in the market and the only thing they gave was heat and nothing more. I thought if this didn't work then I can go back to other brands. I have stocks of pain relieving gels at home because my sister has neuropathy. This product has a weird smell. It doesn't smell like menthol. It has a faint smell of medicinal plants. I bought the one that is being sprayed. I sprayed it on the back of my legs.

After a while, I noticed that the pain has subsided. At first, I thought it was not working but the pain didn't go away in an instant. The pain subsided slowly until I just noticed that I'm not in pain anymore. This pain relieving gel is perfect for those who need instant relief from any body pain. If you need to work or need to go someplace or attend a very important event and the pain is getting in the way, then you should try this product. The only downside is that it has a smell that will make others think that you have been on a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It is best to use this before going to sleep or before taking an hour rest.

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Arthritis Relief Cream

BioFreeze comes in cream/gel form, as a roll-on, and in a spray. The active ingredients are the same in all of them, and basically you choose which one you like based on how you apply it.

There really isn't any need to rub this product into the skin, a thin layer will do just fine.

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