Best Supplements For Osteoarthritis

When osteoarthritis is not treated correctly, it can lead to the break down of cartilages in the body. While countless medical treatments can be used to cure this disease, many of these treatments come with severe side effects. However, some natural supplements have proven to be very effective in treating osteoarthritis. This article examines seven effective supplements that can be used to manage osteoarthritis.

Curcumin Supplement

Curcumin is a pain-relieving substance often used to treat osteoarthritis. It is natural and very effective. Curcumin makes up 3% of the active ingredients in turmeric. This is why patients suffering from osteoarthritis or other related pains are usually advised to include turmeric in their cooking and diet.

However, curcumin is not only available in turmeric but also as a supplement on its own. So instead of consuming turmeric, you can opt for the curcumin supplement. Studies revealed that curcumin and the popular pain reliever-Ibuprofen work the same way. However, while ibuprofen can have a harmful effect on the body, curcumin does not have any adverse effects.

Curcumin is said to exert anti-inflammatory power on osteoarthritis arthritis via various pathways like decreasing synthesis of inflammatory mediators, anti-oxidative and anti-catabolic properties. This substance does not have any side effects except for mild gastrointestinal effects like diarrhea.

When taking turmeric, it is advisable to include this in your cooking and also take as a tea at least three times per day. However, when using the curcumin supplement, take this twice a day.

Fish Oil Supplement

Fish oil is another good supplement usually administered to osteoarthritis patients. Fish oil contains nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid, and docosahexaenoic acid. Omega-3 acid is made up of polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps to reduce inflammatory proteins in the body. The other nutrients in fish oil are very good at supplying the body with the anti-inflammatory benefit that reduces osteoarthritis pain and swellings.

Fish oil supplement is available from 300mg to 1000mg. Whether you are using the low dose or high dose, it is important to use the supplement regularly. Regular consumption of fish oil supplements helps to reduce osteoarthritis to the barest minimum.

However, the low dose requires more regular consumption than the high dose. While the 1000mg dose can be taken once in a day, the 300mg should be taken at least three times daily.

Fish oil does not have any side effects.


S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe) supplement is a supplement that is commonly used to treat osteoarthritis and depression. The supplement helps to strengthen the bones and cartilages and increase physical mobility. Although there is a natural supply of SAMe from an amino acid referred to as methionine in the body, this supply might be reduced in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Hence, taking this as a supplement increases the quantity of SAMe in the body and strengthens the bones and cartilages. When the supplement is taken consistently, it helps to narrow the space between the joints, thereby reducing osteoarthritis-related pain.

In a study comparing the effectiveness of SAMe with the anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib (Celebrex), it was revealed that celecoxib works more effectively than the SAMe in the first month. However, after the second month, the effectiveness of SAMe becomes the same with celecoxib.

The dosage for SAMe is between 200mg to 400mg three times per day. Also, as revealed in the study, it would take a while to start noticing the supplement’s effects.


Glucosamine is a natural supplement that helps to reduce osteoarthritis pain and inflammation. This substance helps to prevent the bones and cartilages from rubbing against each other and causing pain and stiffness. Glucosamine contains some important nutrients like amino monosaccharide and glycosaminoglycan necessary in the cartilage matrix. This is why most of the supplements used for osteoarthritis contain Glucosamine. Aside from the benefit, Glucosamine is a natural supplement with little or no side effects.

However, it is important to note that there are two types of Glucosamine: glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. Among the research on the most effective one for pain and inflammation, one meta-analysis discovered that glucosamine hydrochloride does not work as effectively as the glucosamine sulfate. This implies that the glucosamine sulfate is more effective and works faster than the hydrochloride. The study also revealed that when the glucosamine sulfate is taken consistently for three years, it helps to slow down the narrowing of the space between the joint – a condition that aggravates the knee joint pain.

In terms of the supplement’s dosage, it is advisable to take the glucosamine sulfate 1500mg once in a day. If the 1500mg causes any side effects like gastrointestinal disorder, break it up to 500mg thrice daily.


Chondroitin is also another effective natural remedy that helps to improve the healthiness of the bone and cartilages. Chondroitin supplement helps to prevent joints and cartilage break down. There are many studies on the effectiveness of this supplement; most of these studies revealed that the supplement helps reduce joint pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis patients. In a study involving 53 osteoarthritis patients, the result revealed that when chondroitin is taken at least three times per day, it can reduce osteoarthritis pain from 20percent and above. Also, it helps to improve the physical function of the patient and overall wellness.

Like Glucosamine, when chondroitin is taken for a long time, it can narrow the space between the joints. This helps to reduce the chance of the condition getting worse.

The dosage for chondroitin usually starts from 400mg to 800mg. When taking the 400mg, it is advisable to take three times per day; however, when taking the 800mg, take twice per day.


Boswellia is popularly referred to as Indian Frankincense. This plant is very effective for the treatment of osteoarthritis and pains. Boswellia extract is believed to be more effective than the placebo drug often administered to people with osteoarthritis. The chemical component in the Boswellia extract helps to reduce inflammation and pain. It also helps to reduce the further occurrence of pain and inflammation.

Boswellia supplements range from 100mg to 333mg. The 100mg is usually taken three times per day while the 333mg is taken once per day. Since Boswellia is a natural plant, it has little or no side effects. The side effect is limited to gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea.

Devil’s claw

Devil’s claw is usually referred to as harpagophytum. It is made up of an anti-inflammatory substance called harpogoside. This substance helps to reduce pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis. When used regularly, the devil’s claw supplement has a significant effect on the joint pains related to osteoarthritis. Studies revealed that the devil’s claw is more effective than the anti-inflammatory drug called diacerein.

In terms of the right dosage of the devil’s claw for osteoarthritis, most of the studies on the supplement’s power used 600 to 800mg three times per day. Therefore when using the component, it is advisable to take dosage ranging from 600mg and three times per day. Since the devil’s claw is a natural plant, it has no side effects.