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Thank you for visiting I hope that the information here - which comes from my extensive education, practice experience, and information I've learned from patients, other doctors, and other medical colleagues - helps you learn to manage your arthritis and make changes that benefit your overall health. This website is extensive, and most of the information is provided to you, free of charge. That's how the world wide web works in our 21st century lives. But any project like this takes resources, both in time and money. Over 95% of the information provided to you here comes out of my brain and my experience. In a few cases, I've published articles written by others, and those are always disclosed up front. Occasionally, I come across a book that is thorough and covers material I either don't want to write about or does it better than I have time to. In those cases, when you click on the link to buy that product (either from or individual e-books) I receive an affiliate payment for referring you. You can help support this website by buying from our sponsors. For example, if you come to and see a book you like on Amazon, you can click through to Amazon from my site and buy your book. I earn a small commission. I recommend products and services from various sponsors, and your support of them helps me manage this website. Google ads throughout the website are chosen by Google and I have no control over them. Occasionally you may see the same ad on more than one page, there is nothing I can do about that. I never write information just to sell a particular product. I write information that I feel is helpful to you, and then if there is a product or service that I feel can take you further on your journey to health, I'll recommend it for your purchase. Thank you for supporting and enjoy browsing the rest of the site! Solomon