Patient Testimonials for Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Andrea Mills

Here’s what patients are saying about Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Andrea Mills and their treatments with the amazing K-Laser:
June 16, 2011 Well, I started going to Quartz Hill Family Chiropractic about 4 months ago and my life has literally improved for the better. I have a condition called fibromyalgia in which your whole body hurts…your joints, muscles, and pretty much your entire body hurts. I describe the aches as having the flu. I had those symptoms for nearly 8 months and everything my normal doctors prescribed did not work. I finally called and made an appointment with Quartz Hill Family Chiropractic. I hurt so much that Dr. Mills could not touch me without causing discomfort. So, I spoke with Kristina Matthews about nutrition and how much it impacts your body. I immediately started eating right which gave me energy and life…literally! After one month, my aches were almost gone and Dr. Mills started doing actual adjustments. It has been almost 3 months of getting adjustments and I feel 100% better. I cannot tell you how much of an impact the Quartz Hill Family Chiropractic team has had on my life. They care more than any doctors I have ever spoke to. They explain how your body works, what they’re doing, and what the impact is of chiropractic and nutritional care. I love that because there are so many doctors who leave you stranded and wondering what their reasoning is and what is happening with your body. I am forever thankful for the care I have recieved from Quartz Hill Family Chiropractic. I would definitely recommend it to Anyone!! Thank you Quartz Hill Family Chiropractic from the bottom of my heart!! ~Sharla April 14, 2008 There are many great chiropractors practicing their trade here in the Antelope Valley. Then there are the ones that just seem to go beyond our expectations and take the time to treat our whole being. Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Andrea Mills at the Serengeti Natural Healing & Chiropractic Center is one of those individuals who not only took the time to understand my situation, but was able to develop a treatment plan that addressed years of chronic pain and fatigue. Due to two car accidents, and a lifelong passion of adventure sports that had left its toll on my maturing body, I had chronic upper and lower back pain. Although I would be extremely tired, I could not lie in bed for more than six hours before my aching body would force me to get up and move around. I used to go through a painful routine every morning just to get out of bed. I had resolved myself that this was just how it was going to be for the rest of my life. Dr. Mills has patiently taken the time, asked the questions, and implemented a treatment plan that has allowed me to get a full night’s rest and roll out of bed without my aching body screaming at me. With her outstanding approach and the expert use of the laser treatment system, both my upper and lower back have been pain free and more flexible than it has been in 15 years. As her patient, she has taken the time to educate me on the holistic approach of how to better manage the care of my nerves, bones, muscles, and how my nutrition affects these areas. I strongly recommend anyone who is suffering from long term back pain, or is in a similar condition as I was and had just resolved themselves to a life of back pain, to go to the Serengeti Natural Healing & Chiropractic Center and see Lancaster chiropractor Dr. Andrea Mills.
Mark Cripe
Professional Moutaineering Instructor

July 2, 2007 I have been seeking chiropractic care for chronic neck pain and arthritis for over 30 years. Basically, the treatments only have made living with the symptoms bearable. I started seeing Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Andrea Mills late last year and have been so impressed with her “different, state of the art” techniques. She has adjusted me in places I’ve never been adjusted before! She understands the severity of my condition and truly cares about my overall health; not just my arthritic neck. When Dr. Mills heard about the new laser treatment I was excited to try it. We are talking about 30 YEARS of scar tissue and calcium buildup in my neck. The laser treatments have reduced the pain in my shoulders by 90%! The mobility in my neck has gone up to 85% and my chronic pain is down from a 9+ to a 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10). Dr. Mills is an amazing doctor and an incredible woman. I look forward to a more productive and healthier life under her care. Thank you, Andrea! Debora Pedroza
23 October 2007 I am writing this letter to express my deepest heartfelt appreciation to Lancaster chiropractor Dr. Andrea Mills and K-Laser. Nine years ago I sustained an injury to my lower back, which left me with two herniated discs and a great deal of pain. I sought the advice of an Orthopedic Surgeon who told me that I would probably be able to reduce my pain level; however I would have to change my entire life style and adjust to dealing with my back issues. He also told me if I was willing to adjust my life style I may be able to forgo surgery until later in my life. I followed my surgeon’s direction, drastically changing the way I conducted my life. I was not able to twist at the waist, exercise, play any sports, woodwork, or even lift anything that weighed over thirty pounds. I was an active person up to the date I was injured and this was not an acceptable compromise. I went on this way for several years re-injuring myself on a more and more frequent basis. About two months ago I had another set back and my surgeon told me it was time for surgery. I felt surgery was the only way I could regain some quality of life and scheduled myself for the operation. My surgeon prescribed large amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers to keep me comfortable until the operation. While I was waiting for my surgery date to arrive, a contractor working at my house recommended that I schedule an appointment with Dr. Mills, a Lancaster chiropractor. My past experiences with Chiropractors were not pleasant, so I was hesitant to make the appointment. The contractor assured me that Dr. Mills was not your typical Chiropractor and that she used a laser in her practice. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Mills and was very much impressed. Dr. Mills used laser and adjustment therapy to address my lower back issues. Within three visits I was completely off of all anti-inflammatory and pain drugs and by the sixth visit I was pain free. I have canceled my surgery and physically feel better than I have in the last five years. Dr. Mills is a credit to her profession and has given back to me a much better quality of life. Words can’t express my sincere gratitude toward Dr. Mills, thank you so very much. Craig Holderbach
October 25, 2006 As far back as I can remember headaches have plagued me – even as a young girl. A Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Mills, has broken that headache cycle for me. Until her treatments, I was waking up most mornings with a headache that sometimes went away, but so many times continued to pound throughout the day. I was sure I owned stock in the “pill” companies. After just a few weeks of treatment my headaches began to subside. Not having a headache for weeks is absolutely wonderful. Never before have I been weeks without a headache. Thanks to Dr. Mills and her treatments I feel my headaches are at last under control. J. M. Beardsley
It’s really challenging to narrow down my list reasons why I am so very thankful for finding Dr. Mills. First, through her care and treatment I have noticed many real, tangible – feel better – results. Just for one example, I struggled with very painful hamstring for nearly 10 years. Sitting without pain was uncommon for me and I figured it was something that I just was going to have to tolerate. Within a few months of treatment with Dr. Mills I could actually sit without pain. (Given that I spend at least 13 hours in the car each week plus my full time office job, I sit a lot so this was a great relief!). I first came to Dr. Mills because I was unsatisfied with another Lancaster chiropractor. I didn’t like feeling that rushed through my adjustments. I wanted to really believe that the doctor who was asking “how do you feel?” really wanted to take the time to listen, assess and treat. Dr. Mills does all of these things above and beyond the level of any chiropractor I’ve ever seen. Because of this, she has really become my “primary care provider” – she helps me with tough headaches, fighting off colds, back aches, carpel tunnel, knee injuries and any other thing that might come my way. She’s always takes the time to teach me, so I walk away with new ideas on how to take care of myself and put my health first. She is an incredible natural health resource! Dr. Mills is also famous around my office; I speak about how great she is all of the time. My coworkers believe it because for over two years I didn’t catch that “office crud, colds and flu” that kept 100% of my colleagues out sick for days and sometimes weeks. Dr. Mills is really the best thing about living in Southern California and has been, by far, the best health care investment I have ever made. My insurance does not cover chiropractic care, so I pay out of pocket for my visits to Dr. Mills. Because it’s “my money” I am incredibly demanding about the level of care and service I receive. I keep coming back to Dr. Mills (and I drive from Pasadena for my Lancaster chiropractor!) because I keep seeing results and would absolutely recommend her to all of my family and friends and would trust that they would receive great care and would feel great! Sara M.
I started seeing Dr. Mills on the advice of my primary Doctor; I was having very bad migraines and a lot of pressure in the back of my neck and I was dizzy all the time. After about 3 visits with Lancaster chiropractor Dr. Mills, the migraines and neck pain started to diminish but I was still very dizzy. My primary Doctor recommended I have an MRI to see if something else was going on and why medication wasn’t helping the dizziness. The MRI was normal so I was sent to a neurologist. He first thought I was suffering from Vertigo so he put me on more medication and when that didn’t work he diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis. I was very depressed after that and so was my family. When I went to see Dr. Mills the next time, I told her about my diagnosis; that’s when she asked me if I drank diet sodas that contain artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame). I told her I did drink diet sodas. She recommended I stop all artificial sweeteners because they can mimic the signs of Multiple Sclerosis. So I stopped drinking diet sodas and within a week the dizziness went away. I haven’t felt this good in years. I can’t believe that a neurologist didn’t think of this and my Lancaster Chiropractor did! You know my grandfather always said, “See a Chiropractor first.” Well he was right. In my opinion Dr. Mills is the best!!! Sincerely,Loydene Doratt
23 May 2007 On the 21st of May I received my first laser treatment for my neck. I was amazed at what a pleasant and painless process the session was. In twenty years of chiropractic treatments for my neck, even simple adjustments were always a painful but necessary evil. Well I have to testify to the results I’ve experienced after just one session. The laser put heat into my neck, my movement was much better. But surprisingly I had the most restful sleep I’ve had in years. And awoke with very little discomfort. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of 10 sessions. I’m truly grateful to Lancaster chiropractor Dr. Mills for her passion to the cause of natural health and healing. Kelly Ostojic
This is my 6th visit to Dr. Mills and I feel great. I couldn’t walk more than a hundred yards before I came, now I am able to walk for an hour with less pain. I am grateful for the kind and professional Dr. Mills, my Lancaster chiropractor. Daphne Murphy
I met Lancaster chiropractor, Dr. Andrea Mills at a marketing meeting a few months ago. A the time, I had just visited my gastro-enterologist and he gave me the pills for my GERD in my stomach. We got discussing it’s side effects and she mentioned she had a supplement and treatment that had no side effects. I am all for natural healing. It took me a few weeks and another stomach flare-up to contact Dr. Mills, but after I started it I feel good. With treatment, exercise, and a change in diet – so far so good. I even had a day when I was able to clean house and get things done from sunup to sundown. Thanks,Joanne Crawford
Since I started coming to Dr. Mills (a Lancaster chiropractor in town) I would have to say that I am not having anywhere the amount of pain that I was having. It was difficult to walk up stairs especially. I also have not had a cluster headache since we have started treatment, where I was having them every other week and sometimes lasting 3 days. Many thanks,Becky Gockel
June 27, 2007 I started coming to Dr. Mills (a local Lancaster chiropractor) a couple of months ago. I was constantly having to pay to go get professional massages, until Dr. Mills saved me and my pocketbook. After just a few visits I noticed that I was getting knots and tension in my back less frquently and as time and the visits went on it has now gone down to almost nothing. Now I can go get a massage because I want to, not because I have to. Thank you so much Dr. Mills. Christina Dierkson

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