News story about hypnosis after surgery

by Bill
(Morongo Valley, CA USA)

About a week ago(around the 1st of August,) there was a 'news flash' on one of the major networks (possibly a news one) or maybe the news tape at the screen bottom,

The news was,"Hypnosis good for after surgery pain relief."

I looked for it during the day and found many HITS about hypnosis, but not that new research or discovery that had just hit the news, shown in the second paragraph, in quotes above.

I am trying to relearn hypnosis. (Now,self hypnosis). I had learned in the past that hypnosis has dangers when one uses it to hide pain, because the pain could be the safety message that may need to get out to one's awareness.

And here seemed to be a breakthrough in medical practice talking about hiding the pain in certain situations, or maybe not; I can't find anything about it, although the news (preview?) gave it almost a breaking news status.

Please help find the article(s) about that exact breakthrough and/or any info. on that subject.

I have spinal stenosis and since the imagery showed that I have it, I have been researching the possibility of self hypnosis to get rid of the pain, with safety precautions.

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